Monday, April 21, 2008

Not Yet Hot

It is perfect high Spring here now. Just today I noticed that the light in the sunroom looks noticeably greener, now that the trees have leafed out. I liked the white winter light too, but this is new and different.

Two neighbors within sight of us are getting new roofs today. It's the whole deal where the roofer helps you get your house insurer to declare that you have hail damage or wind damage, then they pay for a whole new roof. We tried that. The claims guy (who looked like he was grown in a vat of Hale n' Hearty) walked all over the roof and declared that it looked fine. Our luck.

But now that it's spring there are several things we need to do outside. Like figure out what's slowly defoliating the azaleas. And decide what to prune and how much. (Can forsythia be TOO straggly?) I swear, the sheer biomass that that I have to keep up with around here is staggering.

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