Monday, April 28, 2008

Chemical Soup

Yesterday I took the kids to get their flu shots. (You see, it be winter here in the Southern Hemisphere!) Of course, as soon as we are preparing to see a medical professional, Nate proceeds to paint one side of his face with White-Out. I have to give props to the Liquid Paper folks, they have perfected that quick-dry formula! In an instant, it was completely dry and immovable. Remember in middle school when we would paint our nails with White Out? It was so punk and kinda Madonna-ish. I am sorry to admit that yesterday I even discovered that even nail polish remover wouldn't, uh, remove it. That was a fun moment.

So then I find myself all paranoid...what if some chemical in White-Out interacts badly with some chemical in the flu vaccine? That could happen, right? On the few days of the year that we see our GP, I now have to waltz in and be like, "Yes we keep all our household chemicals within the reach of children! I sprinkled some Tide over his oatmeal, too." I felt like I was going to the principal's office. In the mommy (or mummy) race, would I be sent to the back of the pack? As a mom, there is so little opportunity for performance evaluations or feedback, and now I'd botched my one chance to get a gold star! Will Natey be deformed by this mysterious chemical soup in his bloodstream?

Nah. Actually, he didn't end up getting the vaccine due to a mixup. So, guess I dodged a bullet on that one. But the doctor did look at me a bit strangely. I just pretended it was old face paint left over from a weekend bday party.


Becky said...

Yeah, you kind of want the pediatrician to be in awe of your superior abilities! I can picture this scene. LOL.

Bren said...

Perhaps he looked at you strangely because he was thinking "who carries white-out in her purse??" ;)