Sunday, May 6, 2012

They Came Back

dad and kids
Dad, 50 pounds lighter since December; kids inherit his old pants.
My mom and dad were in Australia forever but now they are back and badder than ever. We went up to the mountain house on Friday night to see them, not having enjoyed our preview of their deaths. Guess who else was there? Baby nephew guy, Gabriel!

laura and gabe
A happier baby there is not.
Gabriel brought his parents too. We didn't do much. A little eating, a little hiking. I noted with happiness that Katie has completely blossomed into motherhood, and I listened to my brother tell me the plot of the first 250 pages of The Brothers Karamazov. In case there is a quiz. And Dave played the guitar and we also entertained the baby.

hank and gabe

Did you guys get to see the Super Moon? It really was a super moon! Even if it did take 4-evah to clear the ridge behind the house, not becoming visible to us until 11:30pm, when Hank had given up and gone to sleep on the couch. We had a great view of it with Laura's Astroscan telescope, and we stayed for a good long look. Laura and I kept trying to put our phone cameras up to the eyepiece of the telescope, which did not really work.

Oh, also, the whole family dived into this pit of facebook crazy--one of those terrible political threads where you argue with people you don't know in real life and it just goes downhill fast, fast, fast. I just can't even. It is really not like us to do this. Everybody was mad, I took to drink, and my mother had to shut the whole thing down by quoting scripture. It was like that.

beach glass
Aussie beach glass
Mom brought this beach glass home from the beach in Kiama. She also brought me a zillion tea towels and another jacket that says "Australia." Oy oy oy!

We had to leave early this morning so I could get down to Atlanta in time for my tennis playoff match. The bummer-ish way this works is that the two teams play until one team has won three matches. For me playing in line 4, this meant that we were 4-3 in our first set and then my team finished losing the first three matches and we had to retire. Like, our match was over right there. We shook hands and left the court. And there had been ugliness in one of the matches over someone reaching over the net and a lot of other hysterical lady business. I am glad I got to play even a little, but I left the mountains early for that noise?

Oh well. Did you have a good weekend? Whatcha doing?


PS: Sherlock on PBS tonight.


Keely said...

I had a similar weekend at the parents'. We did a lot of nothing, and also a lot of things. I didn't have to leave early for tennis though.

Beth said...

OMG, hysterical lady business. Will someone please give them vibrators? (I'm looking forward to Hysteria coming out in a few weeks.)

Go Camp Papa will all the weight loss. I'm inspired.

Elizabeth said...

I'd love to see the Facebook thread. We had a good weekend -- lots of baseball and some volunteering at our school for a larger LA event, but all in all, I need a little stimulation.

Amy said...

OMG that FB lady. Seriously. I can't even. See how she makes me do sentence fragments? This is why we must all adopt my Facebook rule: Don't poke the crazy. It never goes well.

Anyway! Love the photos! Baby Gabe continues to win at being a baby. It sounds like y'all had a great time! Killing me we couldn't be there too! The kids had fun helping gather all that beach glass. And I hope your tea towel hunger has been satiated. As if.

Juliet Grossman said...

Beautiful beach glass --- looks like candy.

Lisa Lilienthal said...

I, too, am vicariously interested in FB thread - but I agree with Amy, don't poke crazy! Which in my case is most of my high school graduating class.

Cassi Renee said...

We had a weekend of visiting the zoo (chilly Milwaukee weather was perfect, all the animals were out and about), and visiting three ecosystem domes --very cool.

I have systematically unfriended anyone who posts political stuff that makes me want to smack them (basically people who disagree with my bleeding-heart liberal politics). I go on FB for fun, and I don't need to see that stuff :-)

AmandaSN said...

Got a brand new car just in time to pack it with girlfriends and head to Fort Collins for a running race and lot of food and drink to bookend it. Best weekend I've had in a long while.

Facebook...I have a love/hate thing with it.

Camp Papa said...

I was only ever temporarily fat. (and I don't mean fat until the permanent weight loss in death, although you really keep it off then)

Anonymous said...

We had a lot of cultural obligations at once this weekend -- art museum, children's theatre, ballet theatre -- which meant a lot of wearing clothes besides low-rise jeans & black t-shirts. My new-to-me LV bucket had her debut. I rode along to Children's Theatre & took the car to a S Jersey mall where I discovered Nordstrom carries MiniBoden and Tea (what?). I went to Sephora & acquainted myself with the new beauty products of the world and tested a Tocca perfume which I roundly approved after its fullest development and in familiar-smelling surroundings. It was a good weekend. Good food, great diversion, a wheelman. Too much having to eat, but ok xo

Stacy said...

Hey Becky! It looks like you guys had a great time with your folks..We are truly looking forward to the week in the mountains in a few weeks. Hope you will be there again as last year..Looking forward to seeing you guys. We love you all and miss you. Jon and I both are blogging now..may be a little overlapping for the family, but hope you will stop by sometime and check it out, I know you are very busy. Hope to see you soon. Love you all! Stacy

Amy said...

Beth stole my notion, or I am stealing hers, of giving the hysterical lady types some vibrators.

Or maybe it is just you that needed a "transformative escape," from
them! Ha. No vibrator required.

Mountain cabin. Ahhhhhhhh. And baby Gabe, wow. Will he grow up into the cutest man ever? I have to wonder!

AlGalMom said...

See, Facebook does not do a good enough job of notifying me about new blog posts. I need to go back to obsessively checking two or three times a day.

Some of those virtual conversations are like scratching a bug-bite, aren't they? Especially when you are good at expressing yourself with the written just feels satisfying to engage, even though you know it is not going to end well. However, picturing your entire family engaging with someone on facebook has me thinking of new board-game possibilities.....