Monday, January 3, 2011

I Forgot I Even Said All That

Are we doing this? Listing our favorite posts from each month last year? I like reading people's digests of their blogs.  I like seeing what they enjoyed of the things they've written and what was significant to them, because sometimes it's not what I would have thought.  And so I maked a list for you.

These are in order starting from last January.  There are fourteen months in a year, right?

Three Things I Observed While Bowling
"It being 'boutique bowling' did not however mean that nobody wore overalls or chewed tobacco and spat in a clear plastic cup."

That Neighborhood Party: Houses
Embedded decor journalism. It's a thing.

Here's What's Going On with Me
From when I got diagnosed with breast cancer.

Y'all! I Almost Forgot!
Reading this makes me miss some of the drugs I was on.

Now That Was A Retail Experience
The one about my sister and the IKEA.

The Wrong Beach Reading
I always enjoy this topic and again, the comments are so much better than the post.

A Mommy Dearest Moment
You know, just yelling at the neighbor's kids, like ya do.

That Bar of Soap Birthday Party
Oh the humanity.

Suburban Matron, Ph.D.
Plenty of good things happened in 2010 and this was one.

Segway Tour: Walking Makes Me Sad Now
But this is the best thing that has ever happened in any year.

Suburban Matron on Ohdeedoh Today
I got lots of new readers from this (hey guys)!

Last Week of Radiation Treatments
I nearly have amnesia now about my radiation treatments but this post reminds me of what it was like.

I Don't Think We Are Four Loko Material
This makes me laugh.

I Guess That Does Sound Pretty Fun
One of my few very favorites of the year.  Sometimes you just really like a post, you know? It reminds me of how I was in a snitty mood around my birthday, a mood entirely turned around by my champ of a husband. I don't think it all comes through in the post, but to me it is a mood piece.  Yes, a mood piece like Solaris.

And, my favorite picture from last year. Maybe my favorite picture I've ever taken, from this post:


If you've got a retrospective post, please toot your horn in the comments.  Toot TOOT!

Happy Monday! Our kids are still out of school.  So maybe one more day of padding around in socks until evening.



Amy said...

Truly a great roundup! I just re-read the beach reading post and comments. Very funny!

As much as I wish you didn't have the source material, some of your breast cancer posts were profound and funny and moving all at once. You're good, girl.

Here's to another great year of SubMat!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, my gosh. The riches of your blog all on one page! I just re-read the Ikea post and am laughing again! I get the exact way when I go into Anthropologie or even a bookstore, for that matter. Retail anxiety is what I call it.

Thank you for posting, and now I'm back to it --

Amy said...

Meant to say--one post that stands out in my memory, besides where I went nuts in ikea, is the one right before your mastectomy. Still makes me all verklempt.

Jenni said...

Well, shit. I'm going to have to do this tomorrow.

The one about Amy and Ikea KILLS.

Veronica said...

I love the one about Amy and IKEA; I can't go in there any more without thinking about that and laughing.

I'm really glad that the one where you decided to tell the blog world what was going on with you -- a tough thing to be so open about -- ended up being one of your favorite posts.

M said...

I don't have enough posts to warrant a retrospective, but I do like to give credit where credit is due. I was so inspired by your mention of jean shorts, I devoted an entire post to the topic. (For the record, don't ever rob a bank unless you plan to wear sweat pants. I've learned from the daily hits on my Google reader that most criminals apparently wear jean shorts when committing crimes.)

Also, a rogue comment on your blog shocked me into writing about fanny packs.

PS Can't pick a favorite out of this group---too hard. Whether its sheer poignancy or LOL hilarity, you can sure turn a phrase, girl.

Kelly said...

Definitely the greatest picture I have ever seen. Is this framed in your house somewhere? I not...let's get on that ;) Hope you guys had fun at the mtns. Did you try that tight rope thing?

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

I could pick out my favorite posts pretty easily, but yours? No. Too few would be eliminated. Not to get all gooey on you . . .


Rebekah said...

Yes, that photo of Hank must be blown up and put on a large wall somewhere. Priceless! A wonderful, wonderful blog all around.

My Kids' Mom said...

I think I became a reader after your initial diagnosis. I read some earlier posts this morning, and I will make an appt with the breast care specialists as soon as they open today.

I was supposed to call before xmas. I have a lump that's been there for a year and was diagnosed as safe last winter. But I didn't go to the follow up appts I was supposed to go to. I should know better.

nova said...

That photo is so great!