Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Totally Loving It

Lego Time

I think at this point it's safe to say, after three days of going, that Hank would rather just stay home and play Legos than go to school. I don't really blame him. Home is pretty fun.

I thought that the second day, last Friday, would tell the tale, and it did. When I pulled up in the drop-off line, Hank turned limp like a rag doll. He hadn't been fussing or complaining about going, but when it came time for the teacher to unfasten his car seat, he sat there unmoving, neither helping nor hindering the process, like he was practicing toddler civil disobedience. Matt picked him up that day, and apparently the teacher said he did fine, but later on, Hank said to me, confidingly, "I fussed a little bit in there."

Today it was the same rag doll/spotted owl protester, passive resistance routine--We shall not be moved--but no actual tears. When I got to the room at 1:00, both his teachers said that they had been to Spanish class, and that Hank had loved it. They prompted him to show me how he could say "Hola" and "adios" and "rojo." He seemed much livelier. They said that he never cries--he has a few droopy or lethargic moments, but then he perks up. I don't know, that's pretty much how I am all the time. So I guess we're doing okay for day 3.

He had a stamped "R" on his arm, in red, and I supposed it must stand for "rojo." I said, "What's that stamp, Hank?" And he said, 'Oh yeah, that's a letter. It's an 'H' for 'Hank's school.'"

I think it's all going to be fine, but I'm glad he has Tuesdays and Thursday off so he can have plenty of chill time. He loves his chill time almost as much as his mama does.


The Dental Maven said...

Ugh. It would be sooooo much easier if Hank LOVED it.

Amy said...

First, I must say that you need to take that cushion off your sofa, put it in a box, and ship it to me. I'll wait right here.

Second, you crack me up with the idea of toddler civil disobedience. I can totally picture Hank doing that! He is the Rosa Parks of the preschool set. It sounds like he is doing just fine, though. I think they sometimes have more fun than they let on when Mom comes to pick them up--I've noticed that with Nate. Like, "I had alot of fun today but I'm still a little mad that you made me come."

Casey said...

That's the worst feeling, not knowing if they like it and feeling bad for sending them but I PROMISE you, he will start to love it soon. We're on week three here and Elliot has finally stopped being hysterical the entire time and is starting to have so much fun. Graham freakin loves school. Hang in there.

Mental Momma said...

I had the same thing with the cushion. Was reading the post but my eyes kept returning to the pillow. Do share.

Jenni said...

well, it sounds like he's liking it more every day, and that's good. and, you may have a little linguist on your hands.

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

I thought I'd called first dibs on the pillow. But alright. I'll settle for the table.

Hank will be fine. And he'll be a fine civil protester.

Becky said...

Ooh, Lawyer Mom, I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves that table. It's an old oak teacher's table that someone long ago cut down and painted yellow. Under that paint is an older coat of green. It is distressed to perfection, in my opinion.

And ladies, maybe we can work out a traveling pants arrangement with the pillow. It's a giant bolster pillow from John Robshaw. He has a website, and they sell him in the Garnet Hill catalog, BUT there is this website called where they have these limited time designer "events," where they sell stuff for half of the retail price. Which is the only way I got that pillow, and a table runner, and some bedding. . . but I digress. That website has really good stuff sometimes, in addition to plenty of things that make you go "huh?"

Michele said...

See what happens when I arrive late? The pillow and table, my faves, got snapped right up. I will deal for the lamp though.

It will get better for Hank. It will just take a little more time.

Michele Renee said...

I'm all over the plantation shutters. Had them in our first house and will always covet them.
Hank will like it more and more. He just knows it is super nice at home too!

The Stiletto Mom said...

Since the table and the pillow are taken (and possibly the Plantation shades) can I take the faboosh lamp in the corner? Who knew that by posting this, you would lose all of your furniture?

Both of my kids adored pre-school. Perhaps this says something about my parenting skills. Something bad.

Becky said...

Ha! I am sure your kids were pining for you every moment they were out of your sight, Stiletto Mom.

And yeah, this is way better than a garage sale! No need to haul everything outside to unload it. If someone would please take that couch (or set it on fire, I don't care) I would really like to get a new one.

Sara said...

My eyes went right to that table. Perfect!

Lily came to me Thursday 10 minutes before the bus was due and told me that she was going to stay home from school. (She didn't get to, of course.)
She gets burnt out by the end of every week. That's just her. And I always tell her I feel the exact same way.

"I fussed a little bit in there." That made me melt. Pretty self-aware for a 3 year old. I'd say he's going to do great.

A Day That is Dessert said...

Poor Hank - the growing up process gets so accelerated these days - I wish all kids had more time to chill and play legos.