Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cottage Industry, Part II

You may recall that each child in L's class was charged with making 25-30 items to sell at their Mexican Market Day. We wound up basically doing what Brenda suggested and made clay necklaces. With a sun design because, you know, it's sunny in the desert.

Don't you think these are a bargain at 5 pesos? I know, we're not about to open our own etsy shop anytime soon, and you can see why this is not a craft blog, but Laura did every bit of this herself, except for tying the knots in the cord. We got some fimo clay (which was on sale for $.99 a package at Michael's--yay) and used a jibbitz (you know those little charms for Crocs?) to make the impression. Working with the clay and stamping the designs was fun. Then we baked them. We made some frogs too. Desert frogs!

Today was the big market day/fiesta, and Laura decorated a display poster and hung the necklaces from it. She sold out of them, so she was happy. In all honesty, they were way better than what some kids brought in (I'm looking at you, neighbor who printed little pictures of donkeys and glued them to magnets).

Which reminds me, I realized while in Michael's that there are certain areas of crafting that I just hold in contempt. Am I the only one? I mean, like beading. It just seems sad, the buying the beads, and the string or whatever, and then the putting of the beads onto the string. Like maybe that should only be enjoyable if you're in neurological rehab of some kind. Is that too mean? Also those little unpainted birdhouses. They just seem forlorn. Dunno, can I get a witness?

Now felt, on the other hand--felt is cool. I've never done anything with felt, but it just seems like a neat thing. I don't know what I would make except maybe little Robin Hood hats.


Katie said...

I testify to the sadness of beads. I won't lie, there have been times when the thought of making a bead necklace inspires me. But, really, when it comes down to buying a box of beads, it makes me a little sad and I can't do it.......What about the foam topiary balls at Michaels...sad or not sad?

Becky said...

Good question, Katie. Topiary foam at Michael's--I'm going to say, white foam: sad. Green floral foam: potentially just fine. I think the white foam implies you are going to stick fake flowers to it. That makes me actually sad--like the fake flower issue is fraught with poignancy--too much to take on here.

One thing it reminds me of is when I was planning my wedding, I initially had a hard time finding a florist who wanted to work on Labor Day (our wedding date). One woman suggested that they would be willing to "do a lovely silk flower ceremony" for me. The thought of getting married surrounded by silk flowers. . .it just makes me want to cry. I guess I have issues.

Erika said...

I heart felt. I remember in kindergarten the teacher had a felt board and would tell stories and put up felt shapes and animals on the board to go with the story. I heart felt.

Dave said...

I bet those necklaces are just about the best things one could find at a Mexican Market Day. Well done, Brenda, for the suggestion. And well done, Laura and Becky, for the execution. Very solid.

Veronica said...

Hey, those are cool! Nice work, B and L.

My aunt is very into "felting" her knitting projects--i.e. she knits a really big floopy wool hat and then washes it in hot water until it shrinks down to a smaller size and becomes felt. I think it's really cool, but it scares me a little.

I like those little squares of felt though. I remember doing some very impressive Christmas ornaments with felt one year. Well, they impressed my mom, anyway.